Hi, my name is Pattie Boy,
and I am a graphic designer.

And yes, you did hear that right, my last name really just consists of three little letters, B-O-Y. Seems simple, doesn’t it? But you would be surprised how many people initially misspell my name, thinking it must be more complicated than that. My junk mail can be quite entertaining!

The good thing about having an unusual name, is that once someone understands that my name is just the three letters, BOY, they will generally remember it! I think the same can be said for good design. Simple, but memorable design makes a lasting impression. And that is always my aim, to create simple, yet effective graphic design that the viewer can connect with.

Skill Set

This is what I can do

Skill set graphic above


Some fun facts about me

  • Graphic designer for over 20 years with experience in tabloids, newspaper, magazine, direct mail, in-house marketing, promotional materials, billboards, t-shirt design, you name it, I may just have done it!
  • Closet geek with a penchant for British Sci-Fi and comedies and a odd sense of humor.
  • Avid creator who loves to make art with my hands as well as using a computer.
  • I have far too many hobbies, an eclectic mix of photography, painting, needle felting, jewelry making, archery, fishing and shooting sports.
  • My main passion, aside from art, is dog training, and I compete with my dogs in various dog sports.
  • I love to learn, and would be a professional student if I could. I have a BFA, Associate Degree in Multi-Media as well as various certificates earned in dog training & dog grooming. Life itself is a learning process, you never stop learning.

Let’s Get Started

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